Twisted Limb Paper Options

100% Recycled Handmade Paper Colors

Flower Papers (*100% recycled materials to create these deeper colors are not always available. Please ask! We can always make these colors from 85-90% recycled materials.)

Flower Inclusions for Flower Paper

Grass Paper

Beer Paper

100% Recycled Stationery/Cardstock/Envelope Colors

Download the Paper Colors PDF

For Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, and other Special Events

For cardstock invites & Thank You notes

For Bat or Bar Mitzvahs

Flourish Help

It is helpful to choose your fonts and flourish at the same time. Choose fonts and a flourish that complement each other both in style and weight. A thin lined font likes a delicate graphic. A formal font wants a a more serious graphic. Short but wide flourishes are a great fit for an invite with a lot of text. Square graphics are great for short lines of text.

These flourishes are not static! They can be printed in any of the same printing colors as fonts. They will be resized to fit your invitation. Many can be printed in multiple colors or cropped for no extra charge. It is common, but not necessary to print the flourish in the same color as the highlight font. A flourish in multiple colors can bring in all the colors of your celebration. If you would like an electronic copy of one of our graphics to use on other printed materials for your celebration, the charge is $20.

Download the Flourishes PDF

These are simpler, easier to read fonts that we suggest for the majority of your invitation text.

Download the Base Fonts PDF

Choose a more dramatic font to pair with your base font for your names, celebration date, and special text or quotation.

Download the Highlight Fonts PDF

Keep in mind the style of the English font you will be using for your invitation when choosing a Hebrew font.

Consider line thickness, shape (angular vs. round) and style (modern/casual vs. traditional/formal).

Please let us know if you need help choosing a Hebrew font that will pair well with your invite’s English font.

Download the Hebrew Fonts PDF

Color Choices

When choosing a stitching color, thread that matches the paper will blend in for a more subtle look. Thread or bow colors that match the flower inclusions and/or highlight font and flourish color(s) will present a bolder and more festive look.

Eco-Twist Paper Leaves


Hemp Twine

Sheer Organdy Ribbon


Download the Assembly Materials PDF

Addressing Services

Computer printed return and guest addresses create a finished look and matching set for your invitations.
Artistic handprinting lends a beautiful and personal touch to your invitation envelopes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting your addresses to Twisted Limb for computer or artistic hand printing:

For Computer Return Addresses:

  • The return address is a two-line address. Each line of the return address will be centered horizontally on the back flap of your envelope.

For Both Computer And Artistic Hand Printing:

  • Please write the guests’ names exactly as you want them to appear (Mr. and Mrs., Bob and Sue, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan, Dr. Bob and Mr. Mark). We will make no changes to this line. See our guidelines for contemporary and inclusive addressing etiquette.
  • Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that you have all the zip codes present (and that they are correct). We reserve the right to charge you for having to look up zipcodes, and checking back with you on the incorrect spelling of names, streets, etc.
  • It is most helpful for you to collect all of your addresses before e-mailing them to us.

For Computer Printing:

  • Computer printed prices are based on receiving the addresses digitally. We will send a spreadsheet template for your guest addresses. You will fill it out and email it back to us when it is complete. We charge $75/hour for our typing services if you are unable to send addresses via email. Thanks!
  • Your envelope will have a more formal look if you spell out the directions (North, South), street types (Street, Avenue, Boulevard), P.O., R.R. (Post Office Box, Rural Route) and state names. If you prefer an informal feel, you can abbreviate directions (N., S., E., W.), street types (St., Ave., Blvd., Ct.), P.O., R.R., and state names (AL, AK, AZ, AR). You should enter the information into the spreadsheet exactly how you would like for it to appear on the envelope.
  • Spell out the word “and” between Mr. and Mrs., unless you choose a font with a really cool or beautiful ampersand (&).
  • Each line of the guest address will be centered horizontally on the front of your envelope.

For Artistic Hand Printing:

  • You must get your names to us and approve the final draft of your invitation at least 2 weeks before your ship date in order for us to get your order out on time. Thank you!
  • Please write the guests’ names exactly as you want them to appear. You can abbreviate directions (N, S, E, W), street types (St, Ave, Blvd, Ct), P.O., R.R., and state names (AL, AK, AZ, AR) for speed. We will automatically spell these out when writing them for a more formal look.
  • If you do not want to send addresses digitially for artistic handprinting, please allow enough time to send them in the US Mail. We do not accept addresses via fax.
  • Typically, each line of the guest address will be individually centered, unless a flower or fern inclusion in the handmade paper prohibits it.

Download the Addressing Services PDF