Beer Paper Cards and Envelopes

handmade recycled beer paper cardsHandmade paper created with recycled paper and spent barley from brewing Upland Beer in Bloomington, Indiana. THE FIRST BEER PAPER EVER! Original to Twisted Limb!

Cheers! woodcut by Darian Goldin Stahl on front of card. Text on the back of card lets receiver know the special ingredient and beer name. Cards include matching handmade beer paper envelopes which seal nicely with clear glue stick (not included) and travel through the mail to arrive in perfect condition.

Colors match your favorite beers--wheat, pilsner, amber, and porter. Set of four cards and envelopes includes one card in each of the four beer colors. 


Novel gift for home brewers, Green Drink friends, and beer enthusiasts! $20/set

Blank card fronts are available for a reduced charge.


We can print your brewery's logo on the front of these cards on orders of 50 or more cards. (50 logo cards for $195/100 logo cards for $375)

You can choose to have your custom invitations made with BEER PAPER for INVITATIONS ON TAP!! Select wheat, pilsner, amber, or porter from the drop down menu of handmade paper colors!!

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